Investments & Pensions

How should my portfolio be invested to achieve my objectives? How is my investment portfolio performing? Having I made the right choices with my Pension? How can I develop a complete investment strategy for all my investments and pensions?

We guide you through a comprehensive and professional process that will provide you with a tailored investment solution in line with your goals and attitude to investment risk. It involves:

  • Establishing your investment goals. Developing clear investment goals that will guide the investment strategy going forward.
  • Attitude to investment risk Understanding your attitude to investment risk to gain a understanding of your natural or hard-wired risk profile and financial preferences.
  • Asset ownership it is important to consider the legal control, beneficial interest, and tax and asset protection requirements of the alternative ownership structures (e.g. Pension, trust, personal, joint, company).
  • Investment Policy Statement: Successful investing requires a logical approach to decision-making. It requires a set of rules to be applied to how your personal investment portfolio and or pension is to be managed.
  • Administration: the ideal administration structure will be addressed to ensure ongoing management is both efficient and costs effective.
  • Investment management: A tailored investment strategy taking account your own unique circumstances using best in class investment advisers.
  • Ongoing reporting and review is essential to ensure that your strategy remains on track and to deal with ongoing regulatory and personal changes.

We work with the best in class experts to deliver a tailored Investment/Pension solution that gives you confidence that your interests are being prioritised.

We would love an opportunity to have an informal chat with you, to hear your story and see if we can make a real difference to your financial success. Contact Frank on or 01 908 1236 to discuss.