What our Clients Say

We work hard to earn our clients praise by delivering on our promises. It is what our business is all about and gives us great pride.

Working with Frank was easy. He used his knowledge and expertise to guide us in making significant financial decisions in a way that felt manageable and do-able. He was able to guide us toward areas we needed to prioritise. He took the time to understand our values so that what he offered was in keeping with them. Literally, and personally, he was able to meet us where we were at.

Dr Kristof Mikes Liu

Specialist Psychiatrist

I found Frank a true professional in every aspect of his advice which helped my wife and I focus our retirement investment strategies. His knowledge and personal experience of working with clients with careers internationally was a great asset to my own circumstances. His attention to detail and very personal service put him head and shoulders above any financial advisers I have used in the past. I would highly recommend Frank to anyone who is looking for high integrity, personal service, and proven performance.

Paul Westlake

Global Head of Sales, North Sails

For the first time (in over 14 years) I finally found an adviser I could actually use as a bouncing board and get an immediate black and white response (that made sense). As a result I felt comfortable putting my investment (Pension) and insurances under management by Frank, I was pleasantly surprised by the ease of transition and the ability for Frank and his extended team to implement the strategies so smoothly. I highly recommend Frank and the associated value that he conveys as my advisor; he is a man of his word and someone I trust explicitly. 

Juan Fourie

Principal Consultant, SingTel Optus Pty Ltd

Meeting Frank for the first time , I found an immediate sense of honesty and trust with him.He understands my situation well and explains any recommended changes to the portfolio very well and answers any questions very well. I have found him helpful, supportive and open to discuss elements of the portfolio in depth, and with knowledge and understanding. He also presents as relaxed and comfortable in his approach, which creates mutual understanding and would highly recommend him to anyone who may be considering using his services.

Helen Coles

Retired Business Owner

Frank has provided excellent and clear advice to my wife and me in regards to our retirement strategy and family estate planning. We have reduced our insurance to a more appropriate level, lowered our tax through some structural changes and safeguarded our estate after Frank introduced us to the appropriate expert in that area. Acting on some immediate advice, and with no benefit to Frank or his organisation, I managed to save many thousands of dollars in bank interest by following some simple renegotiation advice. Beyond his clear expertise in the field of financial planning, my wife and I particularly appreciate his approach as a trusted adviser rather than at any stage feeling like we are being sold to. Despite feeling like I was on top of my financial affairs before coming to Frank, I have learnt that there is clear value in engaging expertise in this field and I would recommend Frank in this regard.

Michael Fleming

Founder of Maxim Technology and Director at CPA Global

Frank was our financial advisor at Stamford Brown. During this period he was professional and displayed a high level of customer service and support. He demonstrated sound knowledge of market and economic conditions and was very responsive and supportive of our financial and investment needs.

Loren De Laine

Head of Talent Acquisition, GrainCorp

Frank has been instrumental in providing focus to develop a plan designed to achieve our personal financial goals. Throughout the process he has acted with integrity and professionalism, providing good advice and I have no hesitation in recommending him to others.

Stephen Devitt

VP, Product Management MasterCard

Thank you for taking care of our Pension and Annuities . It has always been a pleasure working with you and you have kept us well informed and advised, and always in a timely manner. We can recommend your services to any prospective new client.

Terry and Elaine Winslade

Retired Business Owner

Frank has been my financial planner and advisor for a number of years now,I always found Frank dedicated to his clients, easy to approach, ready to listen, discuss matters and make changes when necessary. Above all I felt at ease and enjoyed his sense of humour. I always felt secure. Would I recommend Frank to a family member or a good friend as an adviser I most certainly would.

Alan Margaret Larsen

Retired Business Owner

Frank has provided investment advice to my wife. During that time he was proactive in helping us develop our investment, planning and retirement strategy and his methodical approach provided great assistance in this regard. He provided us with great personal service and his work and advice will benefit us greatly in accumulating funds for our retirement. I have no hesitations in recommending Frank as an Investment Advisor to any future clients.

Warren Kensett Smith FCPA FGIA

Financial Controller

Mr. Frank Mulcahy has been acting as our financial advisor for several years. We are very happy with his services. All questions that we asked were promptly and correctly answered. Frank kept in touch with us. We discussed financial, pension and insurance matters and received straight and honest advice. He will give good service and good financial advice to anybody that asks him for that.

Nandy and Laurie Sucic

Retired Financial Adviser

Frank was my Financial Advisor when I was transitioning from part time work to retirement. He spent considerable time with me ascertaining my lifestyle goals and then built a financial plan so that these goals could be met. This plan gave me the confidence to relax into retirement knowing I could pursue what I wanted to do and that my finances were being used to my best advantage. His attention to detail and quick responses to my queries along the way added to this confidence.

Phyllis Richards


I found Frank’s advice to be well considered and most helpful. During a period when I had a few challenges Frank’s advice was of great value in that he took into account more than the obvious; he considered and took into account personal and family objectives. Frank clearly has good technical knowledge and a sound understanding of financial planning. His particular strength is that he can apply this in a personal and considered manner. I have no hesitation in recommending Frank as a personal financial adviser and planner.

Michael O’Sullivan

Co-founder and Director, Artis Group

I quickly developed a professional yet friendly relationship with Frank. I liked him and valued his advice on the management of my Pension fund. My meetings with Frank were always informative, comprehensive and demonstrated that he had an excellent grasp of his profession and the financial investment scene. Furthermore tasks were completed thoroughly and in a timely manner and I was confident that my best interests were being served by him

Dr. Bob Orth

Director/Consultant, Formerly CEO of Bakels

Frank Mulcahy became my financial advisor when a wise head was critical. Frank supplied such a need, giving me thoughtful, well-considered opinions and not being afraid to say, 'do nothing for a while’. I also found Frank easy to talk to, he is a natural communicator with an open and confident professional manner. His values appear to be well-grounded in family and community, qualities that matter to me, perhaps especially in a financial advisor.

Toni McDowell


I am very happy to recommend Frank. Being someone who is not always particularly eager to focus on personal financial matters I confess I have greatly enjoyed his communications. He is a good listener and certainly took on board any investment wishes or concerns I expressed and always proffered sound advice. As well he has the gift of making financial discussions enjoyable.

Miranda Van Asch

International Agencies Director, Allen & Unwin

Frank is a highly skilled and talented Senior Financial Advisor, who takes the time and effort to understand his client's circumstances and make suitable recommendations. I really appreciate Frank's proactive approach which demonstrates he is constantly thinking about his clients and not just going through the motions. I am pleased to highly recommend Frank to you.

Paul Greening

Managing Director, Greening & Associates

Frank did a great job in helping us with our retirement planning. He was exceptional in his work ethic and understanding of pensions. I would highly recommend him and his services to anyone.

Patrick St. Flour

Business Advisor, St. Flour and Associates

Frank is a professional financial adviser with a very reputable organisation, providing excellent service in financial and relationship management. He is able to articulate even the most complex arrangements and adjust his delivery and communication approach to suit the client needs and understanding of financial management.

Robert Pitton

Principal Manager, Transport for NSW

I would thoroughly recommend Frank and his team to assist in financial management services. For me, as an UK expat in Australia, he took a complicated and scattered worldwide portfolio of shares, funds, and pensions and collated a coherent strategy and executed on it with amazing efficiency.

Richard Ferris

Head of Group ICT Strategy, Lend Lease

Frank provided me with a tailored investment pension solution. He understood my requirements & reservations, researched the options, presented a detailed recommendation, then implemented these recommendations, after gaining my acceptance. I found Frank to be a very personable, to have expert
knowledge in his field and to have the highest integrity.

Duane Winslade

Commercial Manager, FMCG

Frank provided me with a practical and tailored financial review. It included a complete overhaul of my personal finances and resulted in a tangible plan devised together that was creative, efficiently structured and suitable to my needs. I found Frank to be a person of the highest integrity and would recommend him highly.

Neil MacDermott

Structured Finance Executive

I was looking for financial and investment advice for my shares and pension portfolio and was introduced to Frank by a colleague. I found Frank to be extremely knowledgeable with regard to investment advice and he took the time to explain clearly the various options and outcomes of investment decisions. I also felt that Frank was a person of high integrity and trustworthy and I had no hesitation in asking him to act as my investment manager. Frank was also very diligent in his follow up and keeps me regularly informed on the status of my investments. Since I have handed over my portfolio to his firm, I have seen a steady increase in
the value of my pension fund.

Larry Power

Chartered Accountant, Self Employed

I found Frank to be very helpful and professional. He is very sincere and showed he was genuinely interested in helping me reach my financial goals as opposed to pushing product offerings on me. I would highly recommend Frank to anyone who wants to manage their finances. He will provide an honest and highly specialist service.

Cormac Moore

Self Employed

Frank helped me make decisions appropriate for my lifestyle and goals, and demystified much of the technical jargon that goes with financial planning. I found him to be highly client focussed, and genuinely interested in the outcomes I was working towards. I would highly recommend him to anyone seeking sound financial advice, and especially to those seeking to build an ongoing relationship

Neil Savage

IT Security Manager, ANZ

Frank's professional management of my investments has been as impressive as his attention to detail, expert coaching and approachable manner. He is a wealth of intelligent advice that is always detailed and well explained and his genuine concern for my outcomes has been as reassuring as his expert knowledge of financial markets. He is a pleasure to deal with.

Daniel Tillack

Publishing, Mölnlycke Health Care

I engaged Frank to help me with UK Estate Planning and a Will for my UK assets. Living in Australia as I do, I needed someone who could bridge the divide between the 2 countries. Frank coordinated the deliver of a tailored  solution provided by very competent and professional advisors who gave me the advice I needed and a new UK will.  I have been very happy with Frank's open approach, his immediate replies to questions, and his sense of humour. I would be very happy to recommend Frank to family or friends.

Pat Russell

Retired, Qantas Pilot

Although we have been ex-pats for over twenty years, Frank gave us some important perspectives on financial management and planning under these circumstances based on his knowledge in this area, and he was able to call upon appropriate specialist resources in order to clarify issues which had been raised in the course of our discussions. He was friendly and professional throughout.

Tim & Mary

Retired, Expatriates

Frank is a professional  and well knowledgeable individual with a breadth of knowledge. All my questions were answered and he was very helpful assisting me with the information I needed. He was able to clear up my confusion about what I needed to do to get my affairs in order. This was amazing as independent research was very confusing and gave me different answers. Talking with Frank cleared things up for me


US Expatriate