Why Trinity Financial Management?

At Trinity Financial Management we take the complex area of investments, pensions, financial planning, Insurances, tax, debt, accounting and combine them into tailored solutions for our clients. We have developed a unique process that allows you to choosing a single service such as the investment/pension solution, to education and mentoring for those who want to care for their own financial health, or the total financial solution of planning, strategy, implementation and ongoing management. Call us for an informal chat to find out if we can be of help to you. Learn more about TFM

Built around your Questions

We build our business around finding solutions to your questions. Below are some common questions we get, contact us with your individual questions.


See what some of our clients are clients saying.

What is a financial plan?

Often when I introduce the idea of building a financial plan to people it is regard as an alien concept, but in fact, it is one of the key steps to successfully building your wealth.

Plan ahead.

Smart Financial Planning tips for the Self Employed?

In recent years the focus of many self employed has been on business survival rather than wealth accumulation. but there are a few steps, you can take, that will make a big differences to your personal finances.

Be smart.