Family Office

How can I get professional and independent support to help me manage the complexity of my wealth and implement all my financial objectives?

Our family office service helps you to organise and deploy your wealth in ways that enable you and your family to lead lives that are happier, more harmonious and more secure. 

We offers you seasoned professionals and flexible support in caring for the needs of your family. Whether you seek one targeted solution or a broader scope of support, we offer customised solutions, specifically tailored for the unique dynamics of your family. 

We bring together “best in class” experts to seamlessly deliver support that cannot be offered in one firm. Helping you to achieve and manage what matters most to you. 

Ultimately it is you who decides exactly how our family office will serve you and your family. Privacy and safeguarding your assets are at the core of the services which we provide.

We would love an opportunity to have an informal chat with you, to hear your story and see if we can simplify your financial complexity and give you back the gift of time. Contact Frank on or 01 908 1236 to discuss.