In modern day life moving country for work or just to build up on life experience means there is an ever increasing number of Expatriates around the world. Unfortunately legal, tax and investment rules have not been amended to account for this new mobile workforce. Leaving Expats in a virtual quagmire of complexity and confusion on how to make the most appropriates decisions for managing their financial affairs. Having been an Expat for many years and having qualified as an adviser in 3 different jurisdictions I am intimately familiar with the problems Expats faces in the modern world. Our solution has been to develop a network of best in class Experts in a number of different countries covering all aspects such as tax, accounting, legal, investments, insurances, financial planning and debt, to deliver the optimum solution tailored to your needs. Often working with existing advisers in their home country. We would love an opportunity to chat to you, to hear your story and see if we can make a real difference to your financial success.

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