Education & Mentoring

How do I empower myself to make smarter decisions about my money? Have I measurable and achievable goals? What do I need to know?

Whether you are an individual looking for help managing your wealth or wish to enhance your financial knowhow, financial coaching and mentoring will empower you to better understand your financial options and reduce the many costly errors that investors make every day again and again.

The TFM process is designed to address and solve the areas of complexity that you may have and the process includes:

  • Identifying what are the important things to you
  • Developing a list of measurable and achievable goals
  • Balance sheet analysis
  • Strength and Weakness of current situation
  • Investment Risk tolerance education
  • Tools on how to choose the right advisers for you

We would love an opportunity to have an informal chat with you, to hear your story and see if we can make a real difference to your financial success. Contact Frank on or 01 908 1236 to discuss.