Are you planning to setup a company in Ireland due to BREXIT

If BREXIT was a musical show, it could become one of the longest running shows in history. It does appear that the UK will be leaving the EU in some form and the long-term trend of non-EU companies (including the UK) wishing to setup in Ireland, the only English-speaking country in Europe, will continue.

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The BREXIT escape – buying a property in Ireland

I have been receiving an increased flow of enquires from UK companies and UK citizens that want to move to Ireland to avoid BREXIT. I thought it was worthwhile writing about one of the main sources of questions I receive, that is, buying a property in Ireland.

White paper on Financial Planning for UK Expatriates living in Ireland

Being a UK expatriate in Ireland means that there is an additional layer of complexity in managing your financial planning no matter how long it is since you have lived in the UK. This White Paper discusses the key financial planning issues of Tax, Investments, Property, Pensions, Inheritance taxes, Estate Planning, Insurance and State Benefits that need to be considered if you are a UK expatriate living in Ireland. Click image or here for more.


Am I Resident, Ordinary resident or Domiciled in Ireland? And why does it matter?

Being an Expatriate opens up a whole world of opportunities but it also brings complexity, having to deal with the legislative, products and taxes of two or more countries can brings its own headaches and can lead to expensive missteps.

One of the more complex areas even for professionals is gaining an understanding of residency rules and how they are interact with overseas jurisdictions. I thought a good starting point is look at what are the rules in Ireland and some of the significant implications from an Irish perspective.

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