Are you planning to setup a company in Ireland due to BREXIT

If BREXIT was a musical show, it could become one of the longest running shows in history. It does appear that the UK will be leaving the EU in some form and the long-term trend of non-EU companies (including the UK) wishing to setup in Ireland, the only English-speaking country in Europe, will continue.

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Making your family finances work

Raising a family can be costly but there are still ways you can manage to save. Managing your family’s finances needn’t be a complicated affair, sometimes the simplest tips can make a difference to your

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The BREXIT escape – buying a property in Ireland

I have been receiving an increased flow of enquires from UK companies and UK citizens that want to move to Ireland to avoid BREXIT. I thought it was worthwhile writing about one of the main sources of questions I receive, that is, buying a property in Ireland.

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Talking Happiness with Jill Kerby

Jill Kerby has been a successful personal finance journalist for over 25 years. She has worked for The Irish Times, The Sunday Times, Business and Finance magazine and has been a regular commentator on radio and television. She edited Irish Pensions magazine for the IAPF for 10 years and her popular MoneyTimes column appears weekly in a dozen regional newspapers. She is an outspoken consumer advocate and educator, so I was delighted that she agreed to chat to me about life, money and happiness or even the “absence of unhappiness” as she likes to term it.


Talking happiness with Bruce Kluk

Bruce Kluk runs a boutique financial advisory business, nestled in the heart of a quiet leafy street in beautiful Double Bay, Sydney Australia. Yet from his third floor office looking on to the park, his firms manages the financial affairs of some of the most successful people in Australia. They have come to Bruce and his team for guidance, ignoring the pleas of advisers from large financial institutions and the super slick private banks.


Interview with a childhood hero – Vincent O’Connor

When I first conceived of this idea to interview successful people about their happiness, Vincent O’Connor my former headmaster at the Newmarket boys school, Cork was first on the list. A person that I don’t think I have met his peer in the 30 odd years that have passed. His primary school 5th and 6th classes were more akin to going to a university tutorial with an enlightened lecturer. His broad based approach to education inspired his students to be inquisitive and to challenge themselves. 

White paper on Financial Planning for UK Expatriates living in Ireland

Being a UK expatriate in Ireland means that there is an additional layer of complexity in managing your financial planning no matter how long it is since you have lived in the UK. This White Paper discusses the key financial planning issues of Tax, Investments, Property, Pensions, Inheritance taxes, Estate Planning, Insurance and State Benefits that need to be considered if you are a UK expatriate living in Ireland. Click image or here for more.

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